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Habersham Humane Society is a nonprofit organization working to end the killing of of adoptable dogs and cats each year in animal shelters through a targeted, free and low-cost spay/neuter initiative.

“Animals shouldn’t die in shelters because they don’t have homes.  Shelters are killing for space and that is not acceptable.”

We are the only organization in Habersham county whose sole mission is to reduce growth of shelter populations by preventing the births of unwanted dogs and cats. We will make Habersham county a true “no-kill” community by directing spay and neuter at the very animals who would otherwise perpetuate a vicious cycle of unwanted birth and unnecessary death.

While many pet owners find wonderful companions through animal shelters, it is well-documented that successful adoption programs alone will not solve the pet overpopulation crisis. Alternatively, adequately funded spay/neuter programs that target low-income communities have led to great success in reducing shelter populations and subsequent high death rates.

You can support the programs that help make this possible.  This year we raised additional funds for new kennels to provide more space for the local shelter. The director and staff at Habersham Animal Care and Control are dedicated to helping each animal through their transport programs, adoption events, and other non-profits that provide assistance. While they work tirelessly to make a difference for each animal we are working to reduce the shelter intake and educating our community on the unwanted animal population and the solution.


Checks can be sent to HHS P.O. Box 1442 Clarkesville, Georgia 30523