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City of Cornelia helping residents in their Community!

Thank you to all the residents at Sierra Vista! This community project was a great success! Pictured below with their pets.
Deanne Baughcum with her cat Dragon and Nicholas Baughcum with his sweet dog Lillie.

The Sierra Vista Community in Cornelia, Georgia has taken advantage of the free spay neuter program offered through the City of Cornelia and Habersham Humane Society, a local non-profit dedicated to helping animals in our community.
Targeting an area in the community makes a big impact on the unwanted animal population. We are so pleased to have folks in this pet-friendly community respond so quickly and a very special thanks to our local Cornelia Vet Doctors and staff for helping with this model project. With their participation we have provided certificates for 20 animals that have been altered or scheduled to be altered.
Currently all of the local vets in our area participate in a program offered by Habersham Humane Society for residents with low income. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their excellent services, time and dedication to helping animals and willingness to participate in this program. We believe the solution to the overpopulation of animals in the county will be reduced through education and continued support of low cost options for spay neuter services for residents.
The City of Cornelia has helped to make this possible through a program funded by a foundation partner of Habersham Humane Society. Communities in the City of Cornelia are invited to participate and we look forward to hearing from you. For more information please contact Habersham Humane Society at 706-839-1040.

Habersham Humane Society, Inc's photo.
Habersham Humane Society, Inc's photo.