The Impact of Our Work

Letter from our President

I am Terri Todd and I currently serve as the President of Habersham Humane Society and live in the area of Clarkesville, Ga.  We are a 501c3 non-profit. It is a joy to work with this amazing group of volunteers.  They are dedicated, caring and compassionate individuals.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a bit more about our work and why we do it.

Our mission is to advance and promote the humane treatment and care of Habersham County’s Companion animals through advocacy, education, targeted programs and support of the John B. Gesbocker Animal Shelter of Habersham County.

We are currently changing the population of Habersham County its people and animals.  We are working closely with our local community colleges, faculty and students to raise awareness and educate the community of the realities of our unwanted animal population and our day to day challenges at our local Animal Care and Control

We have reached outside our community and collaborated with other organizations to offer spay neuter access for reduced cost and have had great success with these programs and continue to focus on this as our top priority.   We will reduce the already low fee we offer for one of our clinics by a generous grant we just received from the Two Mauds Foundation.  We are accessing the areas in our community with the most critical need and the community is responding.  Our clinics have filled within 36 hours and we maintain a large waiting list.  We do not need to reinvent the wheel. We see this as a front end solution to an overwhelming problem.   Proven statistics show that a community can reduce the animal population over time with reduce cost options. Since its inception in Oct 2012 over 1800 animals have been altered.

We offer opportunities for fundraising and volunteering for local college students and children from our lower grade schools.

We supported our local shelter by transporting over 1,000 animals since January of 2011 to no kill organizations by networking, funding, organizing and driving.  We provide items through vet care

Which consist of

Treatment for Heartworm

Care for pregnant dogs

Treatment of PARVO and PVEUMONIA Puppies

Treatment of MANGE

Surgery for injuries and Cherry Eye

Rabies shots, health certificates, and exams for transport dogs

We continue to contribute to MEDICAL TREATMENT for animals in need from the local shelter.

Last year we purchased $2100.00 towards six unit stainless steel kennel units to replace the rusted and damaged ones and are purchasing new kennels in the next few weeks for the shelter.

We have purchased sheds, storage shelters, washer and dryer and assisted in renovations like the new cat room – So the cats could be moved from the small cages. $500.00

We coordinate food from Purina and local business owners when it is available to bring to the shelter.

We have continued to maintain the pet finders list, Facebook and monthly newsletter and have photos taken each week by our two professional photographers.

We work with our local vets at events when they offer reduced services and clinics to assist and to educate our community about the caring of animals.  We continue to grow our Board and volunteer Base to broaden our reach in the community. Most important—

We ask for your support to the local shelter and the individuals charged with helping those animals.  They are an able group of dedicated people and often work under very stressful conditions and limited resources.

Habersham Humane Society ask for your continued support on behalf of the animals we care for and the dedicated, caring volunteers who give their time and energy to make a difference!

With Respect,

Terri Todd

HHS President