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Spay and Neuter your Pets


Free Spay and Neutering
Spring is coming, and so is the influx of unwanted kittens and puppies. This is the time of year when cats and dogs go ‘in season’. The City of Cornelia wants to remind pet owners that female animals must be contained to prevent contact with males during this time. Failure to do so is a violation of city ordinances, and owners that do not confine their animals will receive citations.Confinement Areas
There is a way for city residents to avoid unwanted litters, costly fines, and time-consuming court appearances. Keeping ‘in season’ female pets confined outdoors (and keeping determined suitors out of the confinement area) is very difficult. Keeping them indoors can be messy and unsanitary.Problem
Should the pet escape or another animal get inside the confinement area, the end result is an unwanted litter. These excess pets are often dropped or given to people that may be able to afford or properly care for them. Many end up in shelters. Between six and eight million dogs and cats enter U.S. shelters every year. Half are killed because there are not enough homes for them. Allowing pets to breed increases the number of animals that must be euthanized.Solution
Spaying and neutering pets eliminates this problem. Dog and cat owners are encouraged to have pets sterilized. Local veterinarians can perform this procedure safely and at a reasonable cost. If owners are unable to afford spaying and neutering, there are several low or no cost programs to help.Low / Moderate Income Households
City of Cornelia residents with low to moderate incomes can receive free sterilization services for their pets through the city’s’ Pet Friends Spay/Neuter program. All the pet owner has to do is complete the application, get an appointment date and time, and take their pet/s to the participating clinic. Income tax returns, payroll checks, bank statements (for direct deposits), Notice of Decision, or Statement of Benefits can be used to verify income. Those with elderly (65+) and/or disabled household members are encouraged to note this on the application for additional consideration. There is a $10 deposit per animal to reserve the appointment, which will be refunded after the appointment is kept. Information is available by calling City Hall at 706-778-8585.