Since Habersham Humane is operated mostly by a volunteer staff, we appreciate any volunteers that will donate his/her time. Needless to say, we would love your support!






Education Assistant
Volunteers are needed to teach children and adults about the responsibilities of caring for a pet. Topics covered are pet safety, pet overpopulation, adopting from a shelter and making a lifetime commitment to your pet.

Shift: As needed

Education/Event Staff
HHS volunteers sometimes assist with in-shelter and community events, effectively representing the shelter in a positive and informed manner.

Shift: As needed

Foster Care
Volunteers provide temporary care for puppies and kittens, cats and dogs, who are not yet ready to be put up for adoption due to being too young or ill. (An initial supply of pet food and other necessary items are provided by the HHS.

Volunteering with HHS:

Organizing Fundraising Events
HHS always needs help organizing our fundraising events. From finding sponsors and vendors to helping to advertise and promote the event.


Driving Transport Trips
When we are able to transport animals to an area where their chances of adoption are better, we need drivers to take the animals from our shelter to a transfer spot to meet other volunteer drivers, or to all the way to another shelter in a different state. Some trips are short, day trips. Some trips take a few days.

If your good at writing, or working on computers, helping us to get out all of the news is very important. Help is needed reporting on HHS events and taking photos for the website and newsletter.