Trap and Release Program



TNR is the Most Effective and Humane Solution to Controlling the Free-roaming Cat Population

  • It costs less taxpayer dollars to sterilize than to kill feral cats.
  • The population will be controlled with no new litters.
  • Population will decrease as feral cats live shorter life spans than inside cats.
  • The cats are vaccinated against disease.
  • Annoying behaviors like howling, fighting, marking territory and subsequent odors will stop or decrease dramatically.

The Truth about TNR and Feral Cats

  • TNR permanently reduces the number of cats.
  • TNR reduces rather than encourages predation and does not significantly impact bird species.
  • TNR saves taxpayers’ dollars.
  • Feral cats are useful in controlling rat populations.
  • TNR reduces nuisance behaviors.
  • Feral cats are rarely aggressive, tending to shy away from humans.
  • TNR does not pose a risk for rabies.
  • TNR reduces nuisance complaints.