City of Cornelia helping residents in their Community!

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Thank you to all the residents at Sierra Vista! This community project was a great success! Pictured below with their pets.
Deanne Baughcum with her cat Dragon and Nicholas Baughcum with his sweet dog Lillie.

The Sierra Vista Community in Cornelia, Georgia has taken advantage of the free spay neuter program offered through the City of Cornelia and Habersham Humane Society, a local non-profit dedicated to helping animals in our community.
Targeting an area in the community makes a big impact on the unwanted animal population. We are so pleased to have folks in this pet-friendly community respond so quickly and a very special thanks to our local Cornelia Vet Doctors and staff for helping with this model project. With their participation we have provided certificates for 20 animals that have been altered or scheduled to be altered.
Currently all of the local vets in our area participate in a program offered by Habersham Humane Society for residents with low income. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their excellent services, time and dedication to helping animals and willingness to participate in this program. We believe the solution to the overpopulation of animals in the county will be reduced through education and continued support of low cost options for spay neuter services for residents.
The City of Cornelia has helped to make this possible through a program funded by a foundation partner of Habersham Humane Society. Communities in the City of Cornelia are invited to participate and we look forward to hearing from you. For more information please contact Habersham Humane Society at 706-839-1040.

Habersham Humane Society, Inc's photo.
Habersham Humane Society, Inc's photo.

Donate and Save Lives!

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Habersham Humane Society is a nonprofit organization working to end the killing of of adoptable dogs and cats each year in animal shelters through a targeted, free and low-cost spay/neuter initiative.

“Animals shouldn’t die in shelters because they don’t have homes.  Shelters are killing for space and that is not acceptable.”

We are the only organization in Habersham county whose sole mission is to reduce growth of shelter populations by preventing the births of unwanted dogs and cats. We will make Habersham county a true “no-kill” community by directing spay and neuter at the very animals who would otherwise perpetuate a vicious cycle of unwanted birth and unnecessary death.

While many pet owners find wonderful companions through animal shelters, it is well-documented that successful adoption programs alone will not solve the pet overpopulation crisis. Alternatively, adequately funded spay/neuter programs that target low-income communities have led to great success in reducing shelter populations and subsequent high death rates.

You can support the programs that help make this possible.  This year we raised additional funds for new kennels to provide more space for the local shelter. The director and staff at Habersham Animal Care and Control are dedicated to helping each animal through their transport programs, adoption events, and other non-profits that provide assistance. While they work tirelessly to make a difference for each animal we are working to reduce the shelter intake and educating our community on the unwanted animal population and the solution.


Checks can be sent to HHS P.O. Box 1442 Clarkesville, Georgia 30523


Registration for July Clarkesville Fairgrounds Spay/Neuter Mobile is July 2nd.

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Join us at the Clarkesville Library Community Room 1pm to 3pm on July 2nd.


Program Goals:

To increase the number of spayed and neutered dogs and cats in Habersham County by operating a Financial Assistance Program for individuals needing help.

Program Operation:

Habersham Humane Society provides financial assistance to enable pet owners to purchase spay or neuter services. Veterinarians participating in our program offer a reduced spay or neuter fee to individuals receiving Habersham Humane Society’s assistance. The final cost to the pet owner is reduced because of the combined financial assistance and reduced vet fees. Currently there are three programs in place and we will work to find a program that fits your needs. Certificates or Registration for AHS Mobile Visits can fill quickly.  AHS mobile for April is already filled except a few slots.  The City of Cornelia program is available at any time to residents that qualify in the city limits. Those Residents are currently being served by HSNEGA.

Program Administration:

Pet owners purchase certificates directly from Habersham Humane Society. Participating veterinarians redeem these certificates. All financial transactions are between the consumer and Habersham Humane Society. Certificates are honored for three months. Our program is limited by the amount of funds Habersham Humane Society has available for assistance. Habersham Humane Society receives no government funding. Our support depends on voluntary donations and fundraising events.

Low Cost Spay-Neuter Certificate Fact SheetHow does Habersham Humane Society’s Spay-Neuter Program work? Several veterinary clinics in Habersham County have generously agreed to provide spaying and neutering services at a substantially reduced cost.To obtain a certificate, call 706-839-1040 and leave your name and contact information. We hold registration at the Clarkesville Library Community Room the 1st Saturday of each month from 1pm to 3pm. You will receive your low-cost certificate which you can redeem at any participating veterinary clinic. ANIMAL RESCUES ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR CERTIFICATES.


What can I do to help?Habersham Humane Society depends entirely on volunteers, donations, and fundraising events to support our programs. We do not receive monies from any group or government agency. Your gift is tax-deductible.YES, I support Habersham Humane Society’s work to end pet overpopulation.
Enclosed is my contribution for:r $25    r $30       r $50       r $75      r $100       r $250        r $                Name:                                                                                                                  Address:                                                                                                               City, State, ZIP:                                                                                                     E-mail Address:                                                                                                      

Habersham Humane Society Wins the SweetWater Gives Contest

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Over 30,000 votes later and the people have spoken, the 5 charities splitting the ‪#‎SweetWaterGives‬ $10,000 pot are Good Mews Animal Foundation,Habersham Humane Society, Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters, Fare Thee Well Foundation, Inc. and Georgia Jack Russell Rescue. Huge congrats to them and a big thanks to everyone who nominated a charity and voted!

We are working to reduce the number of dogs at our local shelter.
We are working to reduce the number of dogs at our local shelter.